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Mimori Seiteikouji
Kanji 聖帝小路 美森
Class and Year 3-?
School Hatagaya
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Anime Episode 2
Manga Volume 1 Chapter 3
Voice Actors
Japanese Yukari Tamura

Mimori Seiteikouji (聖帝小路 美森, Seiteikōji Mimori) was the student council president, and the granddaughter of the school chairman. She initially places Souta Hatate in the remote Quest Dorm but helps organize its renovation. She participates in the school board meetings, and takes actions from there to the dorm.


Mimori has a really positive, but clumsy attitude who has had a crush on Souta Hatate ever since he went on a date with her and was really kind to her, as it was her first date. Ever since that, she has developed a shy personality around him and tries to spend more time with him. She has a habit of staring at him and making it seem like he was staring at her, much to his confusion.

Character Overview[]

Mimori was the one who placed Souta in the old dormitory, but helped them renovate the dorm. Actually the higher ups weren't okay with the establishment of the dorm but she suggested that the quest dormitory would be allowed to stay if they were able to win the upcoming sports festival.

She had an older brother and everyone believed that he would succeed the Seiteikouji family, but Mimori succeeds the family after his death and she thought that she needed to inherit what her brother left.


  • The name Mimori means "beautiful" (美) (mi) and "forest" (森) (mori).
  • Mimori's surname Seiteikouji means "holy" (聖) (sei), "emperor" (帝) (tei), "small" (小) (kou) and "road" (路) (ji).