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Megumu Touzokuyama
Kanji 盗賊山 恵
Class and Year 1-F
School Hatagaya
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Anime Episode 2
Manga Volume 1 Chapter 3
Voice Actors
Japanese Kana Hanazawa

Megumu Touzokuyama (盗賊山 恵, Tōzokuyama Megumu) is a schoolmate who is thought to be a girl even though he is a boy. Because Souta Hatate calls him a boy, Megumu immediately likes him that it sprouts a string of little friendship flags.


Megumu gets happy, sad, and embarrassed easily who has to go to the boy's restroom, but, because boys get weirded out; he has to use the girls, however, this would soon change when he met a boy named Souta Hatate who immediately saw his true gender. He then said that he would go to the boy's restroom with Souta from that point forward.

Megumu likes to act (in his words) manly, however, it isn't quite true. One of the best examples would be personalized dates Souta went on with each of the girls (and guy) where Megumu brought him to "the manliest" place he could bring Souta, that place being an ice-cream café. At that café, Megumu gets confused for a girl by every single customer as well as waiters.

Character Overview[]

Megumu first met Souta Hatate when they were renovating the dorm. When Souta called him a boy he got really happy and a lot of friendship-flags started appearing on his head. Souta had never seen so many flags, so he didn't know if he could break them or not. After this Souta asked him what was with his uniform and Megumu said that his sisters thought it looked cuter and had even petitioned the school to get an exception for him.

When the residents of the Quest Dormitory have to get an MVP Megumu gets a new track running record. Everyone gets very surprised, but Megumu isn't surprised at all. He explained that he was on a track running team.


  • A running gag in the series is Megumu being confused for a girl and getting really gloomy. This gloominess effect seems to happen even if Megumu is not present at the place of misgendering.
    • At a certain point, Ruri rewrites his sex from female to male in her database and yet still calls him a girl later on.
    • When told that Megumu is really a guy, a surprised Rin remarks that he looks cuter than her.
    • Souta often has to remind the others, who belatedly recall this.
    • There have been occasions where his gender has been said correctly by his friends but they are very rare.


  • The name Megumu means "favor, benefit" (恵).
  • Megumu's surname Touzokuyama means "bandit, thief, robber" (盗賊) (touzoku) and "mountain, hill" (山) (yama).