Episode 8
Episode 8
Japanese Title 後から必ず追いつく。 俺が約束を破ったことがあったか?
Romanized Title Ato kara kanarazu oitsuku. Ore ga yakusoku o yabutta koto ga atta ka?
English Title I'll be sure to catch up with you. Have I ever broken my promise before?
Airdate May 25, 2014
Theme Music
Opening Cupidu Review by Aoi Yuuki
Ending Kanojo ga Flag wo Tateru Riyuu by YELL
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It’s summer vacation!  Whilst staying at Okiku’s place, Souta gets whisked away by Ruri to Akane’s mansion. And so the whole gang (barring Nanami) arrive there to hang out too. Nanami feels lonely be left out of the fun, so everyone goes to visit the Princess of Bladefield in her home country.

Kanojo 0806

After landing in the country and meeting with Nanami (who waited for all of them at the airport), they still need to go on a three hour train trip to get to the kingdom itself. While on the train, Souta meets with Hakua, who is Nanami’s younger sister, and the youngest daughter of the Bladefield kingdom. They both go to a private compartment to talk. There, Hakua reveals that the king of Bladefield has many wives, so all the children have different mothers. This also makes her and Nanami half sisters.

Kanojo 0807

Nanami drops by to visit Hakua and Souta, since the rest of the gang was wondering where Souta went.  Suddenly, a mysterious assassin attacks!  And it turns out that it’s… Ruri?!  The real Ruri (who is tagging along with everyone in her “nendoroid” form) says that it’s simply another model since she was massed produced. Unable to stop the evil-Ruri in her nendoroid form, Souta and Nanami have to take it into their own hands to save Hakua, whom the android seems to be targeting. Fortunately, Souta is able to save Hakua due to some ingenuity, while the evil android gets offed by a mysterious cloaked figure.