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Episode 7
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Japanese Title とんでもないことを知ってしまった。


Romanized Title Tondemonai koto o shitte shimatta. Kesa reru mae ni ore wa miwokakusu
English Title I just learned something insane; I better hide myself before I get wiped off
Airdate May 18, 2014
Theme Music
Opening Cupidu Review by Aoi Yuuki
Ending Kanojo ga Flag wo Tateru Riyuu by YELL
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Next Episode Episode 8


Souta goes on a date with Mimori (arranged by the elder, Tsumugi) in an attempt to get Kurumiko into the Quest Dorms; as

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Mimori is the granddaughter of the school chairman. While on their “date,” Mimori reveals a deeper aspect of her character, and Souta eventually becomes a bit closer to her. This motivates Mimori to try getting Kurumiko in, but even with her connections, she can’t accomplish this. Fortunately, Mei’s able to do it due to her flag altering powers. And; Mimori, Tsumugi, and Mei are moving into the dorms too.

The next day, Souta talks with Mei about her powers. Mei’s powers are limited, while Souta apparently has the power to change the fate of the entire world. This is because Souta’s powers were given to him directly by the “Sacrament” herself—or rather, Sakura, the girl he met on the cruise ship. Mei is a member of the Council Seven, who are tasked with maintaining the order of the world.  She is also tasked with watching over Souta so he doesn’t throw the world out of balance with his powers.

When Souta questions what this means, Mei takes Souta to alternate universes. Eventually, Souta lands in a universe where Miyuki (the homeroom teacher in the normal world), is actually Souta’s great-granddaughter in that world. After rescuing her from a burning cruise ship, Miyuki becomes the main character of that world, and Souta is whisked back to his own world.  Unfortunately, the death flag begins to take over Souta’s body, and he starts coughing up blood. This causes Mei to try to break the death flag with her own hands. She’s unable to break it, but at least manages to stop it temporarily. However, Sakura soon appears and erases Mei’s flag powers and memories relating to flags, saying that the truth of the world is something Souta must find out on his own.