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Episode 2
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Japanese Title この寮に姉たちがいる。だが、今はまだ言えない。明日まで待ってくれ
Romanized Title Kono ryō ni anetachi ga iru. Daga, ima wa mada ienai. Ashita made matte kure
English Title There are girls in this hall. But I can't tell you yet. Wait until tomorrow
Airdate April 13, 2014
Theme Music
Opening Cupi-Doo Revue by Aoi Yuuki
Ending Kanojo ga Flag wo Tateru Riyuu by YELL
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Souta recalls his meeting with Sakura aboard the Premium Ambriel. He meets childhood friend Okiku who has a big sister flag. They have the Quest Dorm renovated, thanks to student council president Mimori Seiteikouji's volunteers. Souta meets effeminate boy Megu, who along with Akane, Okiku, and Nanami, move in to keep the dorm open. He later discovers a letter and recalls the encounter with Sakura that led to his attaining his powers and his mission of gathering a party of characters.