Episode 13
Episode 13
Japanese Title 彼がフラグをおられたら
Romanized Title Kare ga Flag wo Oraretara
English Title If his flag breaks
Airdate June 29, 2014
Theme Music
Ending Kanojo ga Flag wo Tateru Riyuu by YELL
Previous Episode Episode 12
Next Episode Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara OVA
The girls fight the Angelus Gemini, while Souta wonders why they came, feeling he has nothing to give them in return. Akane assures him that's not true, and eventually proffeses her love for him before she goes to fight. The Premium Ambriel absorbs the remaining creatures to charge a final attack, while Souta regains memory of his past as he tries to stop the attack. It is revealed that he once knew Akane, Kikuno, Megumu, Rin and Nanami at one point, but due to an accident, Souta chose to have a little girl, known as Laplace's Demon take their death flags and have them formed on him so they would survive. The price being the girls were to lose their memories of the event, and Souta and the girls were to forget having ever met each other while Souta despaired his life.

Back in the present, Souta then uses his full power against the Premium Ambriel, and while his strength alone is not enough, he manages to destroy it with the help of the other girls coming and aiding him. During this time his death flag breaks. Souta then wakes up in the real world, where Number 0 speaks to him about the state of things and the truth about Sakura and Laplace's Demon. She also says that he was in an accident before he enrolled at a school, so she merged his conscious with many virtual worlds. Before she leaves, she states that the time he spent in the virtual world was but a flash in reality, hence nobody else shares his memories of it, including Nanami who dived into the virtual world to save him. Later, Souta comes across Quest Dorm and finds Akane there. After saving her from falling through the floor, Akane remembers him while Sakura and Laplace's Demon observe them. The episode ends with the girls in front of Quest Dorm smiling.