Episode 12
Episode 12
Japanese Title ひどい世界だな、ちょっと裏の様子を見てくるよ
Romanized Title Hidoi Sekai da na, Chotto Ura no Yōsu o Mite Kuru yo
English Title It's a cruel world. I'm going to take a look in the shadows.
Airdate June 22, 2014
Theme Music
Opening Cupidu Review by Aoi Yuuki
Ending Kanojo ga Flag wo Tateru Riyuu by YELL
Previous Episode Episode 11
Next Episode Episode 13
In the servers, Souta desperately fights the Angelus Gemini in order to protect his world and his friends by placing "Death Flag" upon his enemies. Meanwhile, Nanami found out everyone has forgotten about Souta, and his existence is overwritten. During their graduation day, all Quest Dorm members are going for separate ways. The Quest Dorm is said to be demolished soon. Nanami breaks into Souta's room, and find the letter that Souta received, written by her handwriting, thus breaking Souta's Protect Mode. Ruri, who always remembered everything, finally tells Nanami the truth; Nanami is Souta's missing sister. Separated into two, half of Nanami is locked in the jail in Principality of Bladefield, in which she manages to escape and hides inside Ruri. Understanding everything, Nanami unites with her other self. Denying the bittersweet end of the fairy tale, Nanami alongside the Quest Dorm members aim for the happy ending, and went to the underground passage to open the gate to reach and help Souta. Souta, who is tired from all the battle, is saved by the Quest Dorm members, who arrived near Premium Ambriel.
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