Episode 10
Episode 10
Japanese Title こいつを預かっておいてくれ。ミスコンの優勝者の名前が書かれているんだ
Romanized Title Koitsu o azukatte oite kure. Misukon no yūshō-sha no namae ga kaka rete iru nda
English Title Please hold this for me. The winner of the beauty contest is written here
Airdate June 8, 2014
Theme Music
Opening Cupidu Review by Aoi Yuuki
Ending Kanojo ga Flag wo Tateru Riyuu by YELL
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Souta and the rest return back to school. Hakua ends up going with them all and is enrolled into Souta’s school as a student. The school festival starts up soon after, and Souta accidentally signs up everyone in Quest Dorms to be a beauty pageant contestant.
Kanojo 1005

During the festival preparations, Souta is still in despair over his fate. Nanami notices this but Souta dodges the subject. One night, after a long day’s work, Souta, Akane, Nanami, and Megu go out to buy snacks. The four end up having a fun time just goofing off, and Souta decides that, even if he is to die, he’s fine with living life as he has and having fun with everyone.

When the festival starts up proper, Souta is recruited (against his will) to be one of the judges for the beauty pageant. After some embarrassing contest events, the last event is a “love confession” one. Nanami is up first, and she tells Souta that she’s noticed he was sad, but is happy that he’s gotten strong enough to get over it on his own. This touches Souta… and everyone else so much that they all
Kanojo 1007
agree to let Nanami be the beauty pageant winner (much to her chagrin). Nanami gets Souta all to herself that afternoon, which she spends by… eating everything she can. Not long after, a mysterious girl crashes into Souta, asking him to hide her.